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From "Gross, Lukas" <>
Subject Re: Initial ObjectiveCMIS browser binding commit
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2014 12:33:43 GMT

This sounds awesome. We'll have a look at the branch as soon as we have
some time (probably tomorrow).
So far I totally agree with your suggestions. However we should
definitively have a call next week to discuss the next steps and to assign
a first bunch of tasks :)


On 3/29/14 11:08 PM, "Gavin Cornwell" <> wrote:

>As you may have seen I have just committed my initial skeleton
>implementation of the browser binding to the "browser-binding" branch of
>All services that have been implemented for the AtomPub binding are
>stubbed out, each unimplemented method throws an exception.
>All JSON properties have been defined as constants in
>CMISBrowserConstants and all parsing is currently performed in
>I've removed any binding specific items from CMISBindingSession, this
>class (in my opinion) should remain binding agnostic. The atom pub
>constants were moved to the CMISAtomPubConstants class and I've renamed
>the "kCMISBindingSessionKeyAtomPubUrl" constant to
>Tests obviously require a server that supports the browser binding and
>requires a new key called "binding" set to "browser" in the
>configuration, for example:
>   <key>username</key>
>   <string>admin</string>
>   <key>password</key>
>   <string>admin</string>
>   <key>url</key>
>   <key>repositoryId</key>
>   <string>-default-</string>
>   <key>binding</key>
>    <string>browser</string>
>The first four tests are passing. My approach so far has been to take
>each test as it comes and implement the underlying methods that are
>required to make it pass.
>There's obviously still lots to do (marked as such in the code) and this
>exercise has also highlighted some re-factoring I would like to suggest
>we do:
>- Several classes that are using "id" and "description" as property
>names, we should change these as they have other meanings in ObjectiveC
>- All AtomPub related classes should be renamed to include the word Atom
>- All the URIBuilder classes should be moved up a folder as I don't think
>they are specific to AtomPub, they could be re-used across other bindings
>We can discuss this and the approach for implementing the rest of the
>binding in our next status call, which I'll arrange first thing next week.

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