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From Andrew Hind <>
Subject RE: getTotalNumItems() returning wrong value
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:29:21 GMT
Hi Bindu

Yes there are plans to add support for any-deny-denies.
However, getTotalNumItems() is still going to give an "eventually
consistent" answer


-----Original Message-----
From: Bindu Wavell []
Sent: 24 March 2014 18:38
Subject: RE: getTotalNumItems() returning wrong value


Are there any plans to move the any-deny-denies processing into SOLR so that
we can have both any-deny-denies and getTotalNumItems() that works at the
same time?

-- Bindu


We are pragmatic here.

If you are using SOLR and have any-deny-denies turned off you should get the
total number.
Any other case you will not.

If you use the DB or lucene or SOLR+any-deny-denies some or all permission
enforcement is done post query.

If you do
Select * from cmis:document
and you have 100M docs in your repo do you want to do 100M acl evals ?
We do enough to fulfil the page and see if there is one more.

Querying with SOLR can do permission evaluation in query.

You can choose the configuration options where this will work.
It is not the default.


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