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From "Denis Andreev" <>
Subject RE: Alfresco - DotCmis - GetAcl issue
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 11:30:18 GMT
Hi Peter

Thank you for your explanation. For now I’ve temporary resolved the problem
by reading version ‘1.0’ at first and checking if it’s the latest version.
If not the latest version is read additionally.

For example:

doc =

if (!doc.IsLatestVersion)


   doc = doc.GetObjectOfLatestVersion;



As for GetAcl, it doesn’t matter how many versions a document has. The first
one is used. 

For example:



I hope it should work.


Best regards,

Denis Andreev


From: Peter Monks [] 
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 9:24 PM
Cc: Denis Andreev; 'Alfresco Team'
Subject: Re: Alfresco - DotCmis - GetAcl issue


Like Denis, I've found that the way identity is defined in CMIS is a
constant source of confusion, so I raised this with the committee last year
(see this CMIS mailing list discussion
is+peter+monks>  [1]).


The basic problem is that CMIS 1.0 and 1.1 don't have any general purpose
way to identify an object in a version-independent way - if you're an
Alfresco user this is particularly problematic as it's fundamentally
different to how Alfresco natively identifies objects, and it's easy to make
the (mistaken) assumption that CMIS identity and Alfresco identity are
equivalent.  cmis:versionSeriesId comes closest to Alfresco's notion of
identity, but it has several limitations that make it less useful today than
it could/should be - in a nutshell a client application can't rely on it
(since it's an optional property), and most services (including GetACL)
don't have "XXXOfLatestVersion" equivalents.


Apparently the Oracle representative on the TC is preparing a proposal that
addresses this issue, but it hasn't been presented to the TC yet.  I'm
sitting in on the TC calls specifically to see what's being proposed, as
this is one of the most common issues I'm seeing in my work with CMIS client


And finally just to reinforce what Florian said about not parsing objectIds
- in Alfresco we have substantially changed the representation of objectIds
in Alfresco Cloud and Alfresco v4.2, and those changes will break any code
that is parsing the old (<= v4.1) format.  While we knew this would break
some non-spec-compliant client code, we needed to move away from using raw
NodeRefs in CMIS objectIds for other reasons (mostly related exposing the
Alfresco Cloud via CMIS).







On Dec 26, 2013, at 7:29 AM, Florian Müller <> wrote:

Hi Denis,

there is no "normal logic" here. The CMIS specification defines that
object IDs are opaque strings. Clients cannot and should not try to
interpret these strings because they are repository specific. Other
repositories use totally different formats.
Therefore, DotCMIS treats object IDs just as strings. When you provide
an invalid ID, its passes it to the repository and the repository
returns an error message.

When you need the latest version, you have to call
GetObjectOfLatestVersion or GetAllVerions. You don't have to call
GetAcl, though. You can provide an operation context, that indicates
that you want the object ACL with the object metadata. The repository
then attaches the ACL to the IDocument object.



Hi Florian
I consider it's normal logic - if document ID does not contain a version
number then the latest version should be returned by default. Otherwise to
get ACL three methods should be invoked instead of one.
Let's assume there is a document id -
The last version is 3.1. The problem is I don't know the last version
Thereby to get ACL I should do the following:
1. Get the document for first version
doc =

2. Get the latest version

3. Get ACL for the latest version

It's not good logic. It's going to be a performance issue if these
operations are going to be repeated for hundreds of thousands documents.
There is really no way to not use version number?

I tried to add the following code into GetObjectInternal:
           if (idOrPath == IdentifierType.Id &&
               int i = entry.Id.IndexOf(';');
               if (i != -1)
                   entry.Id = entry.Id.Substring(0, i);
But I'm not sure it will work properly in all cases:)

Best regards,
Denis Andreev

-----Original Message-----
From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2013 2:02 PM
Cc: Alfresco Team
Subject: Re: Alfresco - DotCmis - GetAcl issue

Hi Denis,

Alfresco document IDs without a version number are not valid CMIS object
IDs. Alfresco accepts them in some places for convenience but you shouldn't
rely on it. That is, DotCMIS behaves as excepted. (See also [1].)




Denis Andreev schrieb:

Hi Everyone

There is an issue with getting ACL for a document. The method 
Session.GetAcl throws DotCMIS.Exceptions.CmisObjectNotFoundException :

Unknown object!

Exception stack:



repositoryId, String id, String rel, String type) in atompub.cs: line 394

repositoryId, String objectId, Nullable`1 onlyBasicPermissions,
IExtensionsData extension) in atompub.cs: line 645   

at DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.AclService.GetAcl(String repositoryId, 
String objectId, Nullable`1 onlyBasicPermissions, IExtensionsData

extension) in

atompub.cs: line 2760   

at DotCMIS.Client.Impl.Session.GetAcl(IObjectId objectId, Boolean
onlyBasicPermissions) in client-impl.cs: line 869

It happens when ObjectId passed to the Session.GetAcl does not have 
document version.

For example

There is a document id -

If the ID is passed to Session.GetAcl() as 
"workspace://SpacesStore/96f5a5ae-aea2-497b-80db-d3f646adb293;1.0" the 
it works.

If workspace://SpacesStore/96f5a5ae-aea2-497b-80db-d3f646adb293 then 
it doesn't work

I looked into the code and found out that the problem can be in the 
method AbstractAtomPubService.GetObjectInternal

The object is requested from Alfresco

HttpUtils.Response resp = Read(url);

AtomEntry entry = Parse<AtomEntry>(resp.Stream);

That is the parameter "url" contains the object id without version 
number but response contains ID with version.

In the issue further in GetObjectInternal

AddLink(repositoryId, entry.Id, (AtomLink)element.Object)

Adds the object link with version number but then in the method 

GetObjectInternal(repositoryId, IdentifierType.Id, id, 
ReturnVersion.This, null, null, null, null, null, null, null);

      link = GetLink(repositoryId, id, rel, type);

link is null

I think the method should work in spite of the version number is 
available or not.

Would you please have a look at the code and do something with it.

Best regards,

Denis Andreev




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