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From Mark Streit <>
Subject Question about CmisObject and getRenditions() method
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 18:09:39 GMT
Chemistry Experts

I have what I hope is an easy clarification question:

We currently have 2 development streams for our client side code where we

   - OpenCMIS - 0.8.0-RELEASE on the client side and  Alfresco Enterprise
   4.1.5 on the server side
   - OpenCMIS - 0.10.0-RELEASE  on the client side and  Alfresco Enterprise
   4.1.5 on the server side

Note that the SAME Alfresco server is being used as the "back-end" in each
case - and the same target Folder is queried to return the list of Document
objects and then fetch available *renditions*

The snippet of code that we are using looks like this:

      OperationContext context = session.createOperationContext();

      CmisObject targetDocument = session.getObject(documentId, context);
*      List<Rendition> renditions = targetDocument.getRenditions();*

When looping through the set of "Document" objects, we make this call above
and it works correctly each time - however we now notice one significant

*If cmis:thumbnail does NOT exist for a particular documentId we observe
the following:*

with OpenCMIS -   0.8.0-RELEASE - the List<Rendition> comes back as *non-null
*and with a count of ZERO
with OpenCMIS - 0.10.0-RELEASE - the List<Rendition> comes back as null only

Am I misunderstanding something?  I realize the back-end service is going
to return some object on this call and given that this is the SAME server
(that would assume to be the same) ... but 2 different client
implementations (both are using AtomPub binding), and stepping through the
Debugger, for the same document request, the behavior is different.

... not sure what else could explain it beyond the difference in client
side libraries version being used.



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