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Subject Re: Multiple CMIS server on same JVM
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 13:16:23 GMT

You were right, no problem with deploying two fileshares.
Something should be wrong in our xml as you said, i will check this.



note for your information:
- in tomcat 7 when you set a bad folder you have nothing in logs, just a listener start error.
Well describe in tomcat 6.
- lots of memory leak alerts in logs ...

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De: "Florian Müller" <>
Cc: "erwan guiochet" <>
Envoyé: Mercredi 2 Octobre 2013 13:28:09
Objet: Re: Multiple CMIS server on same JVM

 Hi Erwan,

 I can't explain what is going on based on your description and haven't 
 heard anything similar.
 What is the easiest way to reproduce that? Does setting up two OpenCMIS 
 FileShare repositories in one Tomcat produce the same issue?

 There have been a lot of changes between 0.2.0 and 0.10.0. Especially, 
 the Web Services endpoint configuration changed.
 Please compare the web.xml and sun-jaxws.xml of the a 0.10.0 repository 
 (for example the InMemory or the FileShare repository) with yours. Maybe 
 it's just a configuration issue.



> Hi all,
> We are using openCMIS server libs (based on fileshare) for a project
> where we want to add a CMIS compatibility.
> Our application is a WAR deployed generally on Tomcat.
> We encounter a problem since we upgrade from the 0.2.0 when we deploy
> more than one application.
> Each application has the same reposotoryId.
> As the fileShare we have done a class that extends 
> AbstractServiceFactory.
> As random (on tomcat restart), we can connect only to one CMIS
> server, for the others the username and password sent by the client
> side are not set in the CallContext on getService method (the
> repositoryId in the object is set correctly).
> By going up in source code (we use WSLD communication) in
> org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.server.impl.webservices.createContext
> The WebServiceContext.getMessageContext() constains an empty
> CALL_CONTEXT_MAP ("org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.callcontext")
> ...
> But the WebServiceContext is given by jaxws ...
> Any idea ?
> Thanks for help.
> Erwan

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