I agree with Jens.  Make it 0.10.0.  Getting really close though.

I will be doing a fair share of testing (server side OpenCMIS) between now and November that once completed will give me more confidence as well.


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Re: [DISCUSSION] OpenCMIS 0.10.0

Personally I feel that this is 0.10 and not a 1.0 release.

It appeared that the previous one 0.9 had some serious flaws which made us
releasing another version pretty soon.

With the current release we introduced a new TypeFactory class and a
couple of utility classes being essential for the core functionality of a
server if they are in use. This code saw the daylight only a couple of
days ago and definitely needs a proof that it is reliable and stable.
There also have been changes for cleanup spread over hundreds of classes.
The InMemory server is not for production use and therefore is of minor
importance but needs cleanup in some areas. I also feel that the
documentation is not in a 1.0 state yet.

Nothing would be worse for our project than releasing a crippled 1.0
release after years of effort. And Peter I fear your users will hesitate
to use this stuff forever if we run 1.0 into the weeds ;)

I do not see any reason to rush. I agree to target a 1.0 release for the
fall, end-of-year time frame if we do not introduce new functionality
since our last 0.x version. Isn't this good style for any project?

Just my 2 cents


On 08.08.13 20:23, "Florian Müller" <fmui@apache.org> wrote:

>We can actually do both in parallel. Our release manager can cut a
>0.10.0 release. Once we have a release candidate we can work full steam
>on 1.0. We don't have to wait for the release process to finish.
>Btw. Any help with the JavaDoc is very welcome. It would be great if
>some native speakers could support us here.
>- Florian
>> Thanks Florian.  If a v1.0 is that close, I'd vote for doing whatever's
>>necessary to get it to that point, even if it delays the bug fixes etc.
>>a bit.  I've had a little pushback (not much, but not zero either) from
>>potential users of the library because of a perception that it's
>>"pre-release" (based solely on the version number, as best I can tell).
>> Cheers,
>> Peter
>> On Aug 8, 2013, at 8:32 AM, Florian Müller <fmui@apache.org> wrote:
>>> We have full CMIS 1.1 support now.
>>> If the community feels comfortable calling it 1.0 we can do that. Any
>>> I think we should improve the JavaDoc to a point that it sufficiently
>>>covers all public APIs and then call it 1.0. There are also some places
>>>that need cleaning. But I don't expect that we add any major
>>>functionality in the near future.
>>> - Florian
>>>> On Thu, 8 Aug 2013, Peter Monks wrote:
>>>>> +1, but as a side note, what's the gating factor on a v1.0?
>>>> Full CMIS v1.1 support might seem a good reason for the version bump?
>>>> Nick