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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: CMIS API (openCMIS) and diacritical characters
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 18:01:31 GMT
Hi Mark,

OpenCMIS turns Java Strings into UTF-8 on the wire. There is no special
encoding necessary on the Java side.
Not all repositories may accept all characters, though. We have a TCK
test (NameCharsetTest), which tests unicode characters. Try running this
test from the CMIS Workbench against your repository and watch out for

- Florian

> Hello
> Question on the CMIS APIs and having properties containing diacritical
> characters in String values.
> I know this may be a service implementation-specific question, however, can
> anyone confirm if the CMIS API as implemented in OpenCMIS (Java) requires
> any special encoding of diacritical characters such as:   Ÿ, ÿ    À, à   Á,
> á   Â, â   Æ, æ , for example ... when used in String values for properties
> of Document objects -  cmis:document types or custom sub-types?  (we use
> both AtomPub and WSDL bindings).
> We are currently using the 0.8.0 RELEASE of OpenCMIS.
> Thanks
> Mark

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