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From Boštjan Štupica <>
Subject Cannot connect to repositories using Web Services any longer - #02
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 08:10:03 GMT

Need some (urgent) assistance or advice for problem with openCMIS v0.9.0.
I have the same problem, as described in here:

So I'm using WebServices (not Atom) .. and my application stop working after upgrade of openCMIS
to v0.9.0.
The complete stacktrace is actually similar to the one provided in Jira issue:
Caused by: Failed to access the WSDL at: file:/Users/mindthegab/Dev/alfresco/workspace/chemistry-full/opencmis/trunk/target/checkout/chemistry-opencmis-commons/chemistry-opencmis-commons-impl/src/main/resources/wsdl/cmis11/CMISWS-Service.wsdl.
It failed with: 
(The system cannot find the path specified).
..	... 20 more
Caused by: \Users\mindthegab\Dev\alfresco\workspace\chemistry-full\opencmis\trunk\target\checkout\chemistry-opencmis-commons\chemistry-opencmis-commons-impl\src\main\resources\wsdl\cmis11\CMISWS-Service.wsdl
(The system cannot find the path specified)

Can somebody advice/suggest me what to so problem would be resolved?
There is some mentioning of "Florian fixes" .. but I see no reference to it .. or I need to
wait to v0.10.0?

Thank you.

Lep pozdrav / Regards, Boštjan Štupica
SETCCE d.o.o., Ljubljana
Tehnološki park 21
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Europe
t: +386 1 620-4500 <> fax: +386 1 620-4509

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