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From "Huebel, Jens" <>
Subject Re: secondary type query - cmis:objectId
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 12:42:23 GMT
Hi Michael,

I assume that cmis:rm_clientMgtRetention is a secondary type, correct?

In this case you cannot query for cmis:objectId because this is a property
of a primary type (e.g cmis:document).

You have to use a join if you want to combine properties of primary and
secondary types

Best regards 


On 24.07.13 13:46, "Michael Brackx" <> wrote:

>There is a problem with the special virtual column cmis:objectId for
>secondary object types.
>Example query: "SELECT cmis:objectId FROM cmis:rm_clientMgtRetention"
>Error: Walking of statement failed with RecognitionException error:
>   cmis:objectId is not a property query name in any of the types in from
>Using version 0.9.0.
>QueryObject.resolveTypeForColumnReference() does not have special handling
>for object id.
>There is special handling in validateColumnReferenceAndResolveType(), but
>before you get there you hit a
>normal TypeValidator.typeContainsPropertyWithQueryName().

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