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From Mike Hatfield <>
Subject ObjectiveCMIS call - 14 June 2013
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:40:14 GMT

Mike H, Peter E, Florian M, Lukas G

Discussion Points & Actions Arising:

#1 - Concerns have been raised about the recent modifications to support self-signed SSL certificates.
It is felt these are better implemented in Authentication Provider to make it easier to build
a fully-secure library if desired.

[PE] Roll-back changes to remove current implementation.
[MH] Investigate re-implementing using an authentication provider.

#2 - Base64 encoder class does not handle nil input streams, e.g. when creating documents
without content.

[PE] Commit fix. It was mentioned the fix is "a little messy" so this may need to be revisited
in the future.

#3 - CMIS-659. Intermittent "Stream 0x... is sending an event before being opened" and subsequent
failure to upload. Other networking projects have also encountered this error, suspected to
be a timing bug within the iOS SDK itself. See AFNetworking discussion [1] and alternative
implementation (rollback) at [2]. The plan is to reimplement using these undocumented methods
and monitor future versions of iOS for bug fixes in this area.

[PE] Try alternate solution and test.
[MH] Assist with testing if required.

#4 - Log level definitions should be in the .pch file to allow easier overriding.
[MH] Refactor as necessary. Already implemented this way in the Alfresco iOS SDK.

Other Actions:

[MH] Schedule a follow-up call for two weeks' time to discuss above.

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