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From "Huebel, Jens" <>
Subject Re: CMIS SQL abstraction
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2013 07:31:28 GMT
Hi Tim,

as far as I know nothing like this is currently available or planned. If
you have something to share please do (not necessarily code, can even be
ideas, pseudo-code, proof of concept, etc). I am sure we will have some
interesting discussions on the list.

JPA is around persisting Java objects. Do you have a use case in mind
doing this via CMIS?


On 30.05.13 10:37, "Tim Webster" <> wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone uses an abstraction layer for generating CMIS
>SQL?  Something like a Java API like JPA.  Is there an equivalent of a
>driver for CMIS so we could do this?
>I basically need to write my own, as our queries are getting more complex,
>and cobbling together the SQL is getting messy.
>Any advice?
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