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From Gavin Cornwell <>
Subject Meeting Minutes for ObjectiveCMIS status call
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 16:37:30 GMT
This is relating to the Objective-CMIS group of the chemistry project:

Meeting Minutes from 15th April 2013

Florian M, Peter E, Gavin C, Lukas, Gi Lee


- HttpUploadRequest feedback

- Discuss CMISLog macro location

Discussion Points:

- Peter E has reviewed the HttpUploadRequest code and raised concerns over the use of malloc
and free. This introduces the possibility of memory leaks in error conditions. The suggestion
is to use an NSMutableData object.

- Peter E suggested moving the definitions for the various CMISLog macros to the pre-compiled
header. This allows overriding of the macro definitions by apps to re-direct logging statements.
Having them where they are now means modifying CMISLog.h. 

- Gi enquired about the possibility of having a read-only git clone of the ObjectiveCMIS repository.

- We should consider doing a release soon as there have been a large number of API changes
since the first release. Florian has offered to "hand hold" through the first release.


- Florian to investigate what actions are required to get a read-only git clone of the ObjectiveCMIS

- Peter S to follow up with Peter E on suggested fix for HttpUploadRequest, if required

- Alfresco to move macro definitions of CMISLog macros to pre-compiled header file

Next meeting will be Monday 29th April at 4:30pm UK time.



Gavin Cornwell
Mobile Engineering Manager
Alfresco Software, Inc.

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