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From "Denis Andreev" <>
Subject DotCMIS library - ACL issue
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:55:14 GMT
Hi Everyone

There is an issue with ACL applying when a document is being created. 

The code below does not work:

IDocument cmisDoc = folder.CreateDocument(properties, contentStream, null,
null, cmisAces, null, new OperationContext() { IncludeAcls = true });


cmisDoc.Acl does not contain provided ACEs.


But after that :

cmisDoc.ApplyAcl(cmisAces, null, AclPropagation.RepositoryDetermined);


It does.


I looked into the code and found out that the method
DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.ObjectService.HandleAclModifications() seems to be
working wrong.

The condition "if (originalAces != null)" is always false. If I comment it
then it works.


        private void HandleAclModifications(String repositoryId, AtomEntry
entry, IAcl addAces, IAcl removeAces)


           if (!IsAclMergeRequired(addAces, removeAces))





            IAcl originalAces = null;


            // walk through the entry and find the current ACL

            foreach (AtomElement element in entry.GetElements())


                if (element.Object is cmisObjectType)


                    // extract current ACL

                    cmisObjectType cmisObject =

                    originalAces = Converter.Convert(cmisObject.acl,
cmisObject.exactACLSpecified ? (bool?)cmisObject.exactACL : null);






            if (originalAces != null)


                // merge and update ACL

                IAcl newACL = MergeAcls(originalAces, addAces, removeAces);

                if (newACL != null)


                    UpdateAcl(repositoryId, entry.Id, newACL, null);





Would you please have a look and fix it.



Best regards,

Denis Andreev


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