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From "Stefan Kopf" <>
Subject How to get all versions by version series ID ?
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:11:23 GMT
Hi all,

I am trying to get all versions of a version series and I do only have the version series

This should be possible according to the spec. The CMIS 1.0 spec defines the getAllVersions
method to accept the ID of the versions series as a parameter named "objectId":
>> Inputs
>> Required:
>>  * ID repositoryId: The identifier for the Repository.
>>  * ID objectId: The identifier for the Version Series.
>> Optional:
>>  * String filter: See section Properties.
>>  * Boolean includeAllowableActions: See section Allowable Actions.

The OpenCMIS interface
declares the method getAllVersions with two parameters objectId and versionSeriesId:
    List<ObjectData> getAllVersions(String repositoryId, String objectId, String versionSeriesId,
String filter,
            Boolean includeAllowableActions, ExtensionsData extension);

And the javadoc allows to pass any of them:
>> Either the <code>objectId</code> or the <code>versionSeriesId</code>
>> parameter must be set.

But the webservice implementation is only using the parameter versionSeriesId and ignoring
the objectId parameter, while the atompub implementation is only using the parameter objectId
and ignore the versionSeriesId parameter.

The atompub binding is loading the object first and then using the link from the object response
to get all versions.

Is there a possibility to get all versions of a versions series with atompub binding if I
only have the ID of the version series but no object ID ?

At least, the javadoc should say "Both parameters <code>objectId</code> and <code>versionSeriesId</code>
must be set."


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