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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: CXF support as web services stack in opencmis
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2013 11:38:41 GMT
 Hi Oliver,

 There is no active development around CXF support at the moment (see 
 [1] why).

 But what you want is a custom authentication provider [2]. The easiest 
 way to build one is to copy the standard authentication provider code 
 [3] and modify it. We (SAP) have implemented SAML support for our 
 infrastructure. So that's doable. WS-Trust STS might be trickier, but 
 certainly possible.

 Apart from that, you might want to consider using a different binding. 
 The Web Services binding is pretty slow compared to the other two 

 - Florian




> Hi there
> I'm looking into the usage of opencmis to interact with a CMS system.
> This worked fine with basic security. Currently, username/password is
> supported with HTTP Basic Authentication or WS-Security 
> UsernameToken.
> In our case, the CMIS client is deployed in a web application which
> must sent requests on behalf of the web application user. So far, we
> used SAML and the WS-Trust STS which is supported by Apache CXF.
> I've spotted the following class CXFPortProvider but it is not
> active. Is there any other work ongoing in supporting CXF and any
> other WS-Security tokens?
> Thanks
> Oli

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