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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Heads up on the CMIS 1.1 implementation in OpenCMIS
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2013 14:24:24 GMT
 Quick update:

 The XML code refactoring is completed. That is, the AtomPub binding is 
 now CMIS 1.1 compliant but a few features are not implemented, yet. For 
 example, creating and deleting types is not supported at this point. I 
 start implementing the missing features now.

 The refactoring had two nice side effects.
 1. The AtomPub binding does not depend on JAXB anymore. If you are not 
 using the Web Services binding, you can remove this dependency.
 2. The XML processing is now in some scenarios up to 50% faster. :)

 - Florian

> Hi,
> The Browser Binding already supports CMIS 1.1 but the other two
> binding do not.
> I'm going to implement CMIS 1.1 for the AtomPub binding next. That
> requires a rewrite of the XML writing and parsing components. I have
> done most of this work in the last few weeks, but the new XML code
> isn't active, yet.
> If nobody objects, I will exchange the XML code in the next few days.
> If you then experience any issues with the OpenCMIS SNAPSHOT, please
> let me know.
> - Florian

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