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From "Eberlein, Peter" <>
Subject Re: [objective-cmis] Proposal for changes in the ObjectiveCMIS library
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 14:37:49 GMT

Regarding the proposed extension of the cancel feature to all network requests I would like
to share some thoughts:

  *   Most network requests are nested but none are running in parallel. This means that at
a time only one request is active and there should be no need for an array of cancelable requests.
  *   When a request is cancelled, it invokes the completion handler with a CMISErrorCodeCancelled
error which should percolate up the call stack and prevent any further network requests, so
again just one network request needs to be cancelled in order to cancel a CMIS request no
matter how deeply it is nested.
  *   It would be very useful to be able to cancel requests on the CMISSession, especially
the connect. Use case is that a user explicitly triggers a (re)connect, e.g. after tuning
the session parameters, while a current connect request is still running; in this case you
would like to cancel the running request and perform a connect with the new parameters.


From: Peter Schmidt <<>>
Reply-To: "<>"
Date: Freitag, 15. Februar 2013 16:35
To: Apache Chemistry <<>>
Cc: "<>" <<>>
Subject: [objective-cmis] Proposal for changes in the ObjectiveCMIS library

Hi all,

prior to our next developer meeting I wanted to give you a heads up of further change proposals
to the ObjectiveCMIS library.

Before doing that let's recapitulate the changes submitted to SVN so far:

  1.  CMISNetworkProvider interface to override the default network request handling in the
library with a custom network API. As a part of that the CMISHttpUtil.m (HttpUtil class) has
been renamed to CMISDefaultNetworkProvider and the invoke methods have been changed to instance
instead of class methods.
  2.  Refactor some of the method signatures to reflect Apple's code guidance. E.g. withHttpMethod
has been renamed to httpMethod.

Here is the list of further proposed:

  *   All network requests are cancellable.
     *   For that all invoke<XXX> methods to take a CMISRequest object. For clarity
the parameter has been renamed from requestObject to cmisRequest
     *   Typically network requests in the CMIS lib are nested calls. Therefore, the CMISRequest
class now has an internal array to which newly created requests are added.
     *   The CMISRequest.h file also defines a CMISCancellableRequest protocol with a defined
method - (void)cancel in it. Classes such as CMISHttpRequest will implement this protocol.
CMISRequest will only add a new cancellable request to it, if the class conforms to the CMISCancellableRequest
     *   Most methods in CMISSession, CMISDocument, CMISFolder return a CMISRequest object.
Exceptions are when creating a CMISSession (authenticate/connect). It might be a bit overkill
to make that cancellable, too.
     *   When a cancel request is issued: all requests in the array in CMISRequest will be
cancelled - going all the way down the nested request structure if need be
  *   changeContentToContentOfFile/OfInputStream methods: we found it is necessary to pass
in a mimeType as well. The rationale is, that the mimeType cannot be deduced from the filename
in all circumstances - in which case it may default to the wrong type.
  *   further clean-up of methods and ordering of names. E.g. includeRelationShips was renamed
to relationships (include... is used for BOOL values).

Kind regards

Peter Schmidt
Alfresco Software Ltd.
UK: 07748 185496
Int.: 0044 7748 185496<tel:7748%20185496>
Skype: pweschmidt

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