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From Gavin Cornwell <>
Subject Summary of regular ObjectiveCMIS meeting - 18th Feb
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:07:44 GMT
This is relating to the Objective-CMIS group of the chemistry project:

Meeting Minutes from 18 February 2013

Florian M, Peter E, Gavin C, Lukas


- Webex session
- Feedback on changes made to date
- Feedback on proposed changes
- CMISLog proposal

Discussion Points:

- The details of the webex session for subsequent meetings will be posted to the mailing list
and the website by Peter S.

- No feedback yet on changes made so far (Peter E was on holiday last week)

- Some more discussion is required on the request cancellation proposal (to be continued on
mailing list)
  - We shouldn't need an array of requests as they are nested so should only be one active
at a time
  - We need to be very stringent and consistently check the cancel flag before creating more
requests (not just the first one)
  - Use of a protocol is not absolutely required but there's no objections to there being

- If mime type is not passed in to the changeContentToContentOfFile/OfInputStream methods
it should default to "application/octet-stream"

- CMISLog utility proposal sounds like a good idea, header to be circulated on mailing list
for discussion

Next meeting will be Monday 4 March at 4:30pm UK time.



Gavin Cornwell
Mobile Engineering Manager
Alfresco Software, Inc.

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