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From Florian Müller <>
Subject [DISCUSSION] OpenCMIS 0.9.0 beta
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 10:21:17 GMT

 The OpenCMIS client and server APIs have been updated for CMIS 1.1 and 
 the Browser Binding implementation is done. What's missing are the Web 
 Services and AtomPub Binding additions for CMIS 1.1 as well as TCK 
 coverage for all new CMIS 1.1 features.

 I'd suggest kicking off an OpenCMIS 0.9.0 beta release. Although not 
 all CMIS 1.1 implementations on the wire level are complete, the APIs 
 should be stable now. A beta release could be helpful for developers who 
 want to support CMIS 1.1 in the (near) future. We would also get 
 feedback on the API changes before we do the final release.

 What do you think?


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