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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Chemistry ObjectiveCMIS 0.1
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 09:48:23 GMT
 Hi Nick,

 I hope I have some answers for you:
 - I agree, the license headers should be the ASF headers and we should 
 change that. But I don't think that's a blocker for this release.
 - The shell scripts are not part of the release. No need to add the 
 headers here.
 - There are a few files that are generated by the IDE over and over 
 again. Adding a header after each iteration is not feasible (and may 
 make the files defective?).
 - Some of the test data files could have a license header without 
 breaking the tests. But they are not needed to compile and use the 
 library. If they were missing only a few tests would fail. Do you think 
 that's a blocker?


> On Wed, 26 Dec 2012, Florian Müller wrote:
>> We haven't setup RAT, but we made sure that there is a README file, 
>> a NOTICE file, a LICENSE file, all source files have an Apache header, 
>> etc.
> Couple of things from a quick check (which may not be a blocker).
> Firstly, some of the files look to have the public license header,
> rather than the version normally used for ASF works:
> Secondly, some of the shell scripts are missing the header, as are
> some of the test + project xml files. Possibly the shell scripts are
> too small to need it, and maybe the test files can't have it? Any
> chance someone could either add the headers in if they're needed, or
> confirm if not?
> Thanks
> Nick

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