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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Fwd: how to send any element in wsse usernametoken
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 16:40:05 GMT
 Hi Srinivas,

 You need your own authentication provider for that.

 Have a look at this class:

 The getSOAPHeaders() method generates the SOAP header. It should be 
 easy to add an additional tag there.

 You activate your custom authentication provider like this:


 You can also add your custom session parameters (-> AppID) and access 
 them in the authentication provider.

 - Florian

> Hello I am new to this forum, If I have posted to the wrong address, 
> please
> direct me to the correct forum, I am writing a client using apache
> chemistry and I am having hard time in sending a custom element in 
> the
> username token
>  <oas:UsernameToken>
>  <oas:Username>myuser</oas:Username>
>                  <oas:Password>mypassword</oas:Password>
>                  <edm:AppID>testappid</edm:AppID>
> </oas:UsernameToken>
> How do I send in the AppID in the UsernameToken element, below only 
> has
> USER and PASSWORD. the AppID is of a different namespace
> parameter.put(SessionParameter.USER, "myuser");
> parameter.put(SessionParameter.PASSWORD, "mypassword");
> your input is greatly appreciated.
> thanks
> --
> Srinivas

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