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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Document created but VERY slowly
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:45:25 GMT
 Hi Brian,

 That is, the document creation is not the problem. Getting the type 
 definition is the problem. The type definition is usually pretty small. 
 How many properties are there???

 There is no filter here. You can get the type definition with or 
 without properties, but not with just a few. In this case, the library 
 needs the property definitions.

 Processing this XML should not take longer than a few seconds (usually 
 it's a matter of a few milliseconds). But I cannot reproduce it because 
 I don't have a Documentum installation. Any chance that you can send me 
 the XML directly (not via the list)?

 Just for fun:
 When you create a second document with the same type (and the same 
 session object), how long does this take?
 The type definition should be cached and creating the second object 
 should be quick.


> Thanks so much for your reply. I'm using the AtomPub binding (sorry
> for not mentioning that initially).
> Looks like when this code executes:
> doc = targetFolder.CreateDocument(properties, contentStream, null);
> I get the following http requests:
> GET 15:00:23
> GMT:/cmis/resources/repositories/[repositoryID]/types/[custom_object_type_id]
> POST 15:15:13 GMT:
> /cmis/resources/repositories/[repositoryID]/objects/0c01ba9d8013677d/children?versioningState=none
> The response from the GET is a very large XML file (347K!). In it are
> all the custom properties and their available values for our custom
> object type.
> I checked with my Documentum support guy, and in the logs he didn't
> see any activity on the Documentum side during the 15 minute period
> between the 2 requests. Is it possible that the processing of this
> large XML file is causing the delay?
> I think I've read that there is a properties filter that I can set
> somewhere before making my that where I could specify 
> the
> properties I care about, and hopefully reduce the size of that
> response?
> Thanks again for the help.
> On Oct 19, 2012, at 4:10 AM, Florian Müller  wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> I have no experiences using DotCMIS with Documentum, but from a
> DotCMIS perspective the object types doesn't matter. It is just a
> different string in the XML.
> Which binding (AtomPub or Web Services) did you use? Can you record
> the traffic between your application and Documentum (e.g using
> Fiddler)? Can you see which call is stuck?
> Btw. Creating a small document should take far less than a second.
> Other repositories can create a small text file via CMIS in 100ms.
> - Florian
> Hi,
> I'm using DotCMIS in a C# [2] project. I'm trying to create
> documents in our EMC Documentum repository. I am able to create a 
> very
> simple text file as a 'cmis:document' very quickly and easily, in a
> matter of seconds.
> When I try to use a document using a custom object type, I can still
> create a simple text file, but it takes up to *15 minutes*!
> I have a colleague who wrote a small app in Java, and when posting
> the a document using the same custom object type, he gets pretty good
> performance (3-5 seconds).
> I'm entirely new to CMIS in general and am still digging into my code
> and working with my Documentum support team, but I'm curious if there
> are any known issues with custom object types in DotCMIS? With 
> and Documentum?
> Any insight would be appreciated!
> Thanks
> Brian
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