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From Peter Monks <>
Subject "find or create" service
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 09:29:31 GMT
G'day everyone,

Having worked on a couple of CMIS clients now I've noticed a recurring pattern that isn't
directly supported by CMIS, but which might be worth consideration for a future version of
the spec.  Basically I often find myself writing "find or create" logic (e.g. for creating
a shared folder or configuration document of some kind), but because there's no way to do
this atomically in CMIS the client side logic ends up being "find, if not found attempt to
create, if duplicate error find again".

Any thoughts on adding an atomic "find or create" service as a requirement for a future version
of the spec?

In the short term, I also wondered whether it'd be worth adding this client side logic ("find,
create, find again on error") to the CMIS client libraries, so that at least this boilerplate
logic isn't repeated across numerous clients.  Any thoughts on that as a stop-gap?


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