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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: call of dotCmis from ashx
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 08:30:15 GMT
 Hi Vincent,

 Where do you use NTLM? From the browser to your application or from 
 your application to Alfresco?
 Which DotCMIS version do you use? The current DotCMIS release does not 
 support NTLM, the next release will.
 In general, NTML and CMIS are not a good fit. If you can you should 
 switch to basic auth.

 - Florian

> Hello !
> I know this is not an Alfresco mailing-list but since it may not be
> an Alfresco problem, i'm giving a try.
> I query an ashx which then query Alfresco through dotCMIS. I use the
> Ntlm authentication.
> When I spied on the http queries, the auth is correctly sent to
> Alfresco but it ultimately fails with an error 500 (httpRequest in
> binding\atompub\atompub.cs    Line : 439 )
> Logs seem to indicate something wrong with the auth.
> Would I miss some server configuration to correct that ? or would you
> say it is fully Alfresco related ?
> Thanks a lot !!
> Vincent

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