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From Karsten Eberding <>
Subject Re: PHP WebService library - possible contribution
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:28:45 GMT

thanks for some positive responses. I will publish the library in a week 
or so, together with a sample application and initial documentation. I 
am still finishing up the sample application, that best shows the use 
and programming model.

thanks for all additional comments or feedback
Karsten Eberding

> Karsten Eberding <>
> 18. September 2012 20:49
> Hello,
> I consider to make a CMIS PHP library available as Open Source, 
> possibly through a contribution to Apache Chemistry.
> Of course, I am aware of the existing PHP library at 
>, I looked at it closely 
> before starting my own work. Let me point out the differences and why 
> a second library could be useful:
> 1) the existing library supports Atom / REST, while my new library 
> uses the WebService WSDL binding. Both together would cover both 
> bindings, and complete the coverage for CMIS.
> 2) the existing library uses the PHP cURL functions. My new library 
> uses the native PHP SoapClient package, to handle the transformation 
> between XML and PHP variables in native code. This is not a big deal 
> on it's own, but
> 3) as a result of using SoapClient, CMIS data structures are returned 
> as typed PHP objects. The library defines all 170 CMIS data types, 
> allowing to access and work with content data in object form as 
> defined by CMIS.
> 4) The library is complete, covering 100% of all functions defined in 
> the WSDL file, because the library is generated through a code 
> generator transforming a WSDL file into PHP code. This ability was the 
> main reason to start the development based on WSDL, and not use the 
> existing Atom / REST library.
> Generating a PHP library from a WSDL file should be useful for cases 
> where a repository supports more or less functions than what is 
> defined in CMIS. Extensions could be easily added, or functions removed.
> I would like to offer the standard PHP library, based on the CMIS 
> standard, as Open Source. I am not yet decided for the code generation 
> module, and specialized libraries for certain repositories, but I am 
> open for suggestions.
> The library is available today, still outstanding are further test 
> scenarios, a full example application, and complete documentation. 
> Current testing is done using Alfresco only, I would be interested to 
> expand this to other repositories and WSDL specifications as well.
> This new library should in no way replace the existing REST 
> implementation, but be another alternative to enhance the overall 
> Chemistry offering.
> Please let me know your thoughts and interest.
> thanks

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