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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: in memory server with dynamic WS deployment
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:37:17 GMT
 Hi Dan,

 Regarding JAX-WS, check these mail threads:

 In a nutshell, a library that supports JAX-WS is not enough. OpenCMIS 
 needs additional features. Changing the Web Service implementation is a 
 major effort.

 What kind of dynamic do you need? It implements an industry standard 
 and everything is fixed by the standard. There is nothing you can add 
 without violating the standard.


> Hi Dan,
> Are you aware that the InMemory server is only useful for developing 
> and
> education purposes? As the names says all data are kept only in RAM 
> and
> are lost after shutting down the server. It is not intended for 
> productive
> useŠ.
> Jens
> On 28.09.12 10:00, "Dan Corneanu" <> wrote:
>>I would like to use the in memory server implementation for a custom
>>project. One of the main requirements is that it has to provide 
>> support
>>for dynamic/runtime deployment of new web services and register
>>endpoints for them.
>>I have looked at the code and saw it uses jax-ws RI as the WS 
>> runtime.
>>Unfortunately this implementation has a very static deployment
>>mechanisms using sun-jaxws.xml
>>How complicated would it be to switch the in memory server
>>implementation from using jax-ws RI to using Apache Axis2 or Apache 
>> CXF
>>(which are somewhat more open to dynamic deployment of new web 
>> services)?
>>Any suggestion or remark on this matter is highly appreciated.
>>Thank you in advance,
>>As far as I can tell, both Axis2 and CXF do implement Jax-WS.

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