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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Clarifications
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 16:27:19 GMT
Hi Sagara,

I hope I have some answers for you.

Re 1) No. If the concepts of your repository are somewhat similar to CMIS, then you don't
have to change your repository. CMIS has been designed to be implementable on top of existing

Re 2) Have a look at this page [1] and the OpenCMIS JavaDoc. In a nutshell, you have to extended
the two classes AbstractServiceFactory and AbstractCmisService. Your implementations of these
classes do the mapping between CMIS and your repository. 

Re 3) Yes. :)




> Hi everyone,
> I'm quite a beginner into Software Development and the ASF community but I
> got a project to implement CMIS support for a content repository as my
> internship project (something like the JCR connector). I'd very much like
> to know what Chemistry offers for me in this regard. I'd really appreciate
> it if someone clarified these things for me.
> 1. Do I have to restructure and develop my existing Content Repository (CR)
> in any way? (It has support for versioning and some of the other
> requirements in the CMIS Spec)
> 2. Does Chemistry offer me any API which can sit on top of my current API
> of the CR, so that the Chemistry API works as an indirection layer? This
> way I don't have to modify my existing CR but just map the functions.
> 3. Is this the right place to ask such questions? :)
> As I said I'm a novice when it comes to Software Development, I mean I know
> how to code and all but I haven't handled large software projects. So I'd
> appreciate help without a lot of jargons and stuff. (And please don't say
> this might be too tough for me because I'm determined to complete this
> project :) )
> Thank you.

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