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From Mano Swerts <>
Subject Difference between document version accessed by VersioningService or session.getObject
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 15:37:25 GMT
Hi all,

I seem to have a little problem with the display of all versions of a
particular document to users. I do not know if this is a bug in CMIS, in
Alfresco or if this is as designed.

I fetch all versions of a particular document using the
VersioningService object.
Then I loop over these versions to get convert them to a CMIS Document to
be able to fetch all properties. In the my custom user interface I noticed
that the first version did not have any custom properties filled in. Then I
also noticed that the last version in my listing (which is equal to the
current working version in the repository and therefore also in my app)
does not reflect the latest metadata as the current working document does
in the rest of the application. So it seems that when I list the metadata
of all versions, that they are 1 off. So this means metadata for version
1.0 is not filled in (when it actually is), metadata for version 2.0 seems
to be the metadata for version 1.0, and so forth.

When I look into node browser that comes with Alfresco, I can only see the
current version. The current version is *3.0* and contains a data property
called park:documentCreationDate. It is set to the *2nd of February*.
However when I list versions using the VersioningService, it shows the same
property with a value of the *1th of February*, also version *3.0*.

I confirmed the above behavior with the following code:

String repositoryId = cmisSession.getRepositoryInfo().getId();

String documentId =

List<ObjectData> versions =
documentId, null, null, null, null);

ObjectFactoryImpl factory = new ObjectFactoryImpl();

factory.initialize(cmisSession, null);

Document cmisDocument = (Document) factory.convertObject(versions.get(0),

cmisDocument.getPropertyValue("cmis:objectId"); //
output workspace://SpacesStore/81b81e8c-ec20-4cdd-b650-552cb9eb5e5b;3.0

cmisDocument.getPropertyValue("cmis:versionLabel"); // output 3.0

cmisDocument.getPropertyValue("park:documentCreationDate"); // output
GregorianCalendar with value of 1th of February 2012

Document cmisDocument2 = cmisSession.getObject(new ObjectIdImpl(documentId

cmisDocument2.getPropertyValue("cmis:versionLabel"); // output 3.0
cmisDocument2.getPropertyValue("park:documentCreationDate"); // output
GregorianCalendar with value of 2th of February 2012

So it seems that although they have the same version and should point to
the same document, it seems that putting the version number in the ID
directs to an other document. However then the second way to access it
should return 4.0 and not 3.0. I am very confused of what is going on here,
because I request the versions for a specific ID and they can have
different values for the same version.


-- Mano

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