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From Jens Hübel <>
Subject RE: TCP / IP Monitoring
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 09:13:12 GMT
If your server is a Java servlet you may also take a look at the LoggingFilter as well. LoggingFilter
is a servlet filter that logs all requests in files in your TEMP folder. It will significantly
decrease the performance and break your streaming, but might be an option for simple cases.
I plan to add some documentation around this tool on the web site soon. An example configuration
can be found in the web.xml contained in the server bindings that just needs to be uncommented.
Do NOT use this on a production system and do not try this with large content (everything
is buffered in memory)! The number of generated files can become huge.
Keep in mind that the filter logs on the server and not on the client which may be inconvenient.
Also a servlet filter does not see the exact wire protocol. You will see some differences
compared to a tool like Fiddler. The code is in the server-support jar which must be added
to the classpath if it is not yet there. Here is an example configuration:


Given all these restrictions I assume that a proxy might usually be the preferred choice,
but just to mention that this option exists...


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From: Philip Barr [] 
Sent: Montag, 13. Februar 2012 11:40
Subject: TCP / IP Monitoring

When I've been working with DotCMIS I've found it useful to see exactly what XML is being
sent and received to/from the server. To do this, I've add a line like (I'm using the AtomPub
link = link.Replace(":8080", ":9080"); AbstractAtomPubService.LoadLink()
Then I run the TCP/IP monitor in Eclipse (I only use that because I'm familiar with it) and
can see what's going on.
Two questions:

1.       Is it possible to add this as a feature to DotCMIS? Maybe a Session.Proxy property?

2.       I assume people have wanted to do this before. Is there a standard thing people are
already doing that I'm unaware of?

If there is a need for (1) then I'll raise it as a feature request in JIRA.

Kind Regards,

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