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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: Path segments for documents
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 21:08:35 GMT
Hi Jeff,

The includePathSegment parameter works fine for both repositories, InMemory and Alfresco 4.
Both return the path segments. I have just retested it.

But the preferred way to get hold of the document paths (there could be 0..n paths) is to
call getObjectParents() with the includeRelativePathSegment parameter set to "true" and the
property filter parameter set to "cmis:path". 
Each document path can be constructed from the cmis:path property value, a slash ("/") and
the relative path segment.


Am 23.11.11 21:18, schrieb Jeff Potts:
> I'm looking at refactoring the getObjectByPath test for cmislib so that it does not assume
that the test document's name is the valid path segment token (this would fix a long standing
Jira issue, CMIS-232 [1]).
> To do this, I have to ask the document for its path, but that's not supported (CMIS-112
[2]). Alternatively, I could ask the folder for its children and tell it to give me the paths,
because getChildren is supposed to support the includePathSegment but I cannot seem to get
that to work (either inmemory 0.5 or Alfresco 4.0b)--passing includePathSegment=true to the
folder's getChildren URL makes no difference in what is returned.
> So I'm left wondering whether or not it is actually possible to determine a document's
path without assuming cmis:name as the path segment token appended to the folder's cmis:path.
> Jeff
> [1]
> [2]

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