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From Stephan Klevenz <>
Subject Re: Running OpenCMIS OSGi Server in Apache ServiceMix
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:08:03 GMT
Hi Richard,

The server bundles contain only the classes required to build a server and it depends on your
OSGi runtime how to instantiate a concrete server.

We are using springsource which supports Web Bundles to build our own server. The WebBundle
we build looks pretty much the same as the e.g. InMemory server war file including a manifest
for referencing the server classes.

I'm not familiar with Apache ServiceMix but it sounds like you have to build your own war.


Am 19.10.2011 um 17:00 schrieb Richard Šufliarsky:

> Hi Chemistry developers,
> I have a question about running OpenCMIS OSGi Server bundle in Apache
> ServiceMix. I want to provide content repository services through an
> ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) provided by Apache ServiceMix. My idea
> was to install OpenCMIS Server OSGi bundle to Apache ServiceMix and
> find out where it listens for web services requests but it seems that
> I am missing something (I am not skilled in OSGi and OpenCMIS). It
> seems that maybe I need some WAR file which will expose webservices
> interface on the Jetty server (included in Apache ServiceMix) through
> the specified context?
> Please can someone give me more info what else is needed besides
> installing and starting chemistry-opencmis-osgi-server-0.5.0.jar
> bundle?
> Best regards,
> Richard Sufliarsky

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