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From "Klevenz, Stephan" <>
Subject Issue release 0.5.0
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 11:25:41 GMT
Hi all,

I had a closer look into the issues with release 0.5.0 and would like to propose a solution
to get it fixed.

There is one major mistake causing trouble with distribution. Current server project structure

chemistry-opencmis-server-bindings // lib
chemistry-opencmis-server-bindings-war // war
chemistry-opencmis-server-inmemory // lib
chemistry-opencmis-server-inmemory-war // war

This is wrong because of it results in a name change of already existing web application artifacts.

If we change like this (more or less a re-name of maven modules) then the web application
artifacts will be named like before.

chemistry-opencmis-server-bindings-lib // lib
chemistry-opencmis-server-bindings // war
chemistry-opencmis-server-inmemory-lib // lib
chemistry-opencmis-server-inmemory // war

The major difference is that classes included previously in web application modules getting
their own library artifacts. This is required for OSGi consumption. This libraries are then
also consumed by the web applications.

A *-classes.jar build result within the web application module become obsolete. Classes

Let me know what do you think. If we get an agreement on this, then I will create an Jira
issue and fix it. After that I think we have to create a patched release 0.5.1.

Sorry for that mistake, but I have completely overseen this.


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