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From Stefane Fermigier>
Subject Replacing minidom by lxml (or cElementTree) in cmislib
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 13:31:32 GMT

We've used cmislib for some intensive work against the Nuxeo server, and it appears that the
bottleneck when using similarly sized machines for the server and the client is the client.

(This due to Python being generally one order of magnitude slower than Java, and CPython having
a hard time utilize the multiple available cores, due to the GIL).

Running cmislib under PyPy helps a bit (x2) but it's not enough.

One way to gain a bit more performance could be to replace minidom (based on expat) by lxml
(based on libxml2) in cmislib2.

This would introduce another dependency (minidom is in the Python standard distribution, not
lxml), and needs some (tedious) work because the API are difference.

What do you think. Jeff (and others) ?


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