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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: How can i handle with properties in owl file with CMIS?
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 09:02:35 GMT
Hi all,

I just subscribed to this mailing list to be able to reply to Meriç's
question and I did not find how to tell gmail how to add the right
header with the original message id to avoid breaking the thread,

> Hi,I'll ask a few questions..I'm trying to read and parse an owl file, then I want to
add it repository. When i try it with JCR, i use nodetype, node, property and jackrabbit repository,
and everything was ok. However, when i use CMIS i got lots of problems. For nodetype and nodes,
i'm using class, folder and documents in CMIS, but I can not find how to handle with properties.
Firstly, i try fileshare and inmemory repository, but they don't support relationships. Then,
i use alfresco. It supports relationships. However, i can use only specific target and source
type. Lastly, i try nuxeo. Again i can not do what I want. My questions are How can i handle
with property in owl file with CMIS? For each property i must add a new relationship or relationshiptype?I
think i must create relationshiptype for classes and relationships for individuals, but i
don't know how since each repository use its own relationship restriction.

IMHO, CMIS relationships is the most natural way to represent OWL
properties that link two resources identified by URIs (while regular
cmis:object properties can represent OWL properties that link URIs to
literals). I don't have a general solution for blank nodes.

This is actually how we do it in Nuxeo in the
nuxeo-platform-semantic-entities add-on:

Note that we will probably stop using primary types for entity classes
but rather use secondary types (a.k.a. facets in Nuxeo parlance) so as
to be able to assign several classes and matching properties to a
given Entity instance. Note: secondary types are not part of the CMIS
1.0 standard but will probably be in the coming 1.1 version of the

Relationships features are fully implemented in Nuxeo but are not
always exposed properly using the CMIS endpoint. This issue is tracked

You should be be able to use CMISQL to query the relationships in the mean time.

Hope this helps,

Olivier -

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