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From "Degroff, Nathan" <>
Subject RE: VersioningService.cancelCheckOut() and working-copy vs self rel link
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 18:42:05 GMT
According to the EMC Documentum CMIS Reference Guide (ver 6.7), the two Repository Capabilities
are false: 

    capabilityPWCUpdatable - This capability cannot be implemented because Documentum does
not have a PWC feature.
    capabilityPWCSearchable - This capability cannot be implemented because Documentum does
not have a PWC feature.

The ID of the original doc is passed back when:

    ObjectId pwcId = document.checkOut();

However, if in the same session you call:


the LinkCache for "self" is the actual checkedout link which works.  

The issue comes in if you are opening a new session for a docuemnt that is already checked
out and you want to cancel out an item you checked out in a previous session or in some other
application.  If you retrieve the document using:


The LinkCache result for "self" when calling cancelCheckOut() gives you the working-copy link.
 However, you have to iterate over the collection of checked out docs to get the right document.

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From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2011 12:18 PM
To:; Degroff, Nathan
Subject: Re: VersioningService.cancelCheckOut() and working-copy vs self rel link

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your report!

I can't really comment on the EMC Documentum CMIS implementation because I haven't had a chance
to test it extensively.

Could you describe how you get the PWC id in the first place? 
Did you do something like this:   ObjectId pwcId = document.checkOut();

If so, EMC does not return the PWC entry but the document entry, which would be a bug on their

Using the working-copy relation would be a valid workaround. Let me play with that a bit and
if it works with other repositories, I'll open an issue and change it.



On 10/06/2011 16:22, Degroff, Nathan wrote:
> To whom it may concern,
> Topic:      VersioningService.cancelCheckOut()
> Binding:    AtomPub
> Issue:      Deletion of object rather than cancelling checkout
> Repository: EMC Documentum
> We encountered an issue with utilizing the OpenCMIS client where depending on how you
retrieve the Document, the system would send a DELETE for the actual object:
> DELETE http://<host>:<port>/<app>/resources/repositories/<repository>/objects/<roid>
> instead of the working copy:
> DELETE http://<host>:<port>/<app>/resources/repositories/<repository>/checkedout/<roid>
> There are many ways around it by retrieving the doc using the Session.getCheckedOutDocs()
and then calling cancelCheckOut() from that object or just calling the SOAP version (which
calls the checkout operation directly), but I was wondering if this is a culmination of:
>      -) CMIS 1.0 Spec specifying the "self" relationship while calling cancelCheckOut()
instead of using the "working-copy" relationship link
>      -) EMC CMIS implementation not supporting a PWC
> After tracing and inspecting to the LinkCache, I can see that if (atompub package) VersioningServiceImpl
used Constants.REL_WORKINGCOPY it would work in all instances whether you checked the doc
out in the same "OpenCMIS" session or if you are pulling it back from a new session.
>      public void cancelCheckOut(String repositoryId, String objectId, ExtensionsData
extension) {
>          // find the link
>          String link = loadLink(repositoryId, objectId, Constants.REL_WORKINGCOPY, Constants.MEDIATYPE_ENTRY);
>          if (link == null) {
>              throwLinkException(repositoryId, objectId, Constants.REL_WORKINGCOPY, Constants.MEDIATYPE_ENTRY);
>          }
>          delete(new UrlBuilder(link));
>      }
> We were able to pull back many different ways to deal with it especially pulling back
the "checkedOutDocs" collection, but any thoughts would be appreciated.  Pulling the doc directly
without having to iterate through a collection to find the doc one needs.

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