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From Naresh Bhatia <>
Subject Using OpenCMIS as a mediator service
Date Fri, 27 May 2011 17:34:14 GMT
I am new to OpenCMIS and wanted this group's guidance for an application
that I am developing - a simple mobile application to allow people at my
company to browse various CMIS repositories.

Being a simple file browser, I want to hide the complexities of CMIS from
the mobile app. So I would like to create a mediator service which talks to
CMIS repositories using OpenCMIS, but in turn exposes a much simpler (path
based) interface to the mobile applications.

For example:

getChildren(String repositoryName, String path)

would return a simple JSON based list of the folder's children:


  "entry" : {

    "type" : "document",

    "author" : "nbhatia",

    "title" : "cmis-article.pdf",

    "summary" : "Examples using CMIS, Abdera, &amp; Chemistry",

    "content" : {

      "type" : "application/pdf",

      "src" : "http://<host>:<port>/.../content.pdf"


    "published" : "2011-05-25T17:15:36.740Z",

    "updated" : "2011-05-25T17:15:40.045Z",

    "version" : 0.0


  "entry" : {



  "entry" : {




1. Does anyone see a major issue with this approach?

2. Since I will be using Session.getObjectByPath() in my mediator service,
is there a performance concern with this call (as opposed to getting the
object directly using its object id)

3. If the calls from mobile devices are stateless (starting with a fresh
path every time), should I still be using the Session API? Am I loosing the
befit of caches etc?

4. Or should I consider maintaining state for each mobile device with an
associated OpenCMIS Session?

Any help you can give will is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your

Naresh Bhatia

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