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From Michael Dürig <>
Subject Re: OpenCmis JCR allow access to JCR repository instance
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 15:03:02 GMT


Have a look at the class parameter in the file of 
the chemistry-opencmis-server-jcr module. That parameter specifies the 
class name of a CmisServiceFactory. The default value is 
org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.jcr.JcrServiceFactory. JcrServiceFactory 
has a protected method acquireJcrRepository() which in the default 
implementation creates a repository based on the passed parameters. You 
can override this method in a custom implementation and return whatever 
JCR repository you like.

Another approach is to use a remote JCR repository (i.e. via DavEx) and 
configure the connection parameters in Have a 
look at org.apache.jackrabbit.jcr2dav.Jcr2davRepositoryFactory for details.


On 17.5.11 16:29, Sam Cruttenden wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking to use the CMIS JCR bridge.
> Is it possible to pass an already created Jackrabbit repository into
> the JcrServiceFactory rather than let it create one based on a config
> file? I ask this because our current Jackrabbit repository has our
> own node type definitions setup against it, which is done after the
> repository is created. Currently the OpenCMIS JCR bridge does not
> allow access to the JCR repository that it creates.
> Also I have a need for testing purposes to access the Jackrabbit
> repository created by OpenCMIS. It would be good if my test cases
> could have access to it so that I can prove that our Jackrabbit
> repository is behaving as it should when being accessed via CMIS.
> Sam

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