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From "Speakman, Randy" <>
Subject RE: Retrieve Relationship Issue with AtomPub Binding
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:31:35 GMT
Hi Florian,

Thanks for responding to my question. I have resolved parts of my issue by cleaning all references
to the 0.1.0Incubating release in my project for both my repository connector and for my client
test harness. I replaced the references with the 0.3.0 release. This resolved most of my issues
but I am still having one problem that I cannot resolve. If I call the session.getRelationships(...).iterator().next();
method with an AtomPub binding after setting the OperationContext to IncludeRelationship.SOURCE,
I am still finding that in the repository connector the includeRelationships parameter is
null when it reaches the overridden getObject(...) method. I have set the DEBUG parameter
value in Log4J and I see that the includeRelationships value is being passed as null. Here
is the line from my log files 

" 2011-04-11 11:16:10,662 [main] [HttpUtils.invoke:85] GET http://localhost:9080/CmisServerConnector/atom/cmisdev1/id?id=0901e19680002873&filter=&includeAllowableActions=&includeACL=&includePolicyIds=&includeRelationships=&renditionFilter="

I have traced through the client api call and believe that I have located the problem. The
loadLink method of the method invokes the getObjectInternal method
of the file. On line 160 of the getObjectInternal method, the
includeRelationships parameter is being passed as null. Please let me know if you also find
the same issue.

>From org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.client.bindings.spi.atompub.
On line 58 and line 59

// find the link
String link = loadLink(repositoryId, objectId, Constants.REL_RELATIONSHIPS, Constants.MEDIATYPE_FEED);


This calls the getObjectInternal method of (lines 160 and 161)

getObjectInternal(repositoryId, IdentifierType.ID, id, ReturnVersion.THIS, null, null, null,
null, null,
                    null, null);

-- Client test driver snippet
OperationContext context = session.createOperationContext();
ObjectType peer = session.getTypeDefinition("peer");
session.getRelationships(session.createObjectId("0901e19680002873"), false, RelationshipDirection.SOURCE,
peer, context).iterator().next();       



-----Original Message-----
From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 11:35 AM
To:; Speakman, Randy
Subject: Re: Retrieve Relationship Issue with AtomPub Binding

Hi Randy,

I have tried to reproduce your tests with a 0.4.0 client and a 0.4.0 server. (They are pretty
close to 0.3.0. The difference is negligible.).
It is working for me. includeRelationships and relationshipDirection are always set correctly.

The method CmisObject.getRelationships(...) doesn't exist anymore in 0.3.0. CmisObject.getRelationships()
return the relationships that were fetched with the object. Make sure the object is actually
retrieved from the repository and not served from the cache. Try CmisObject.refresh().

If your breakpoint is never hit, make sure that you actually pull the relationships. 
For example, this code doesn't contact the repository:
session.getRelationships(obj, true, RelationshipDirection.TARGET, null, session.getDefaultContext());
This code does:
session.getRelationships(obj, true, RelationshipDirection.TARGET, null, session.getDefaultContext()).iterator().next();

I've also checked the change logs if a bug in this area has been fixed between 0.1.0 and 0.3.0
but I couldn't find anything that matches.

Could you please increase the log level to DEBUG [1]. You should see the URLs that are called.
They should include the two parameters in question. If they are wrong it's a client problem.
If they are right it's a server problem.




On 08/04/2011 14:50, Speakman, Randy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am in the process of adding relationship functionality to my repository connector and
am running into an issue while trying to retrieve relationships with my OpenCMIS client using
the AtomPub binding. If I use the Webservice binding, everything is working correctly. I was
initially using the 0.1.0-incubating release of OpenCMIS, but have also repeated the tests
using the 0.3.0 release.
> On the server side repository connector I have overridden the getObjectRelationships
method and the getObject method and have setup DEBUG breakpoints at the start of each method
so that I can inspect the data being passed. I have two different client test cases, the first
one invokes the getObject method on the server and the second one should invoke the getObjectRelationships
method on the server. I have found that when I run Test #1 with an AtomPub binding that the
includeRelationships parameter is null when it hits my breakpoint. If I switch to a Webservice
binding, the includeRelationships parameter is set correctly. If I run Test #2 with an AtomPub
binding the breakpoint on getObjectRelationships is never hit. If I switch to a Webservice
binding, the breakpoint is reached and the relationshipDirection parameter is set correctly.
> I am thinking that there may be an issue in the OpenCMIS client code with the AtomPub
binding when retrieving relationships. However I wanted to pass on snippets of my client side
tests in case the issue may be with my client side setup. In the code snippets below, the
CmisUtils reference is a simple class I wrote that handles the boilerplate setup of a session.
> /*
> Client Side Test Case #1
>   Expect that the getObject method should be invoked and
>   the includeRelationships parameter should be set to SOURCE
> */
> Session session = CmisUtils.getSession(restUrl, repository, username, password);
> OperationContext context = session.getDefaultContext();
> context.setIncludeRelationships(IncludeRelationships.SOURCE);
> ObjectType peerRelation = session.getTypeDefinition("peer");
> CmisObject baseDoc = session.getObject(new ObjectIdImpl("0901e19680002873"),context);
> ItemIterable<Relationship>  relatedItems =
>   baseDoc.getRelationships(false,RelationshipDirection.SOURCE, peerRelation,context);
> /*
> Client Test Case #2
> Expect that the getObjectRelationships method should be invoked
> and the relationshipDirection parameter should be set to SOURCE
> */
> Session session = CmisUtils.getSession(restUrl, repository, username, password);
> RelationshipService rService = session.getBinding().getRelationshipService();
> ObjectList objList = rService.getObjectRelationships(repository, "0901e19680002873",
false, RelationshipDirection.SOURCE, "peer", null, false, null, null, null);
> Thanks,
> Randy

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