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From Florian Müller <>
Subject Re: CMIS Browser Binding implementation
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 09:30:51 GMT
I have moved the browser binding sandbox code into the server framework. If you want to have
a first look, get and deploy the InMemory repository.
As already mentioned, it's not finished yet. The browser binding specification might also
change. I'll complete the implementation over the next weeks.

Any feedback is welcome. It would be marvelous if someone would help me developing a decent
JavaScript client. There are some demo pages but nothing that could be presented to an end-user.



On 15/04/2011 16:35, Florian Müller wrote:
> Hi,
> The CMIS browser binding proposal is about to be moved into the CMIS 1.1 specification
draft. The browser binding is a third binding beside the Web Services binding and AtomPub
binding. It is based on JSON and optimized for consumption by JavaScript scripts in a web
> We have a first OpenCMIS server implementation in a Chemistry sandbox. It covers about
2/3 of the proposal.
> Although the browser binding will only be specified for CMIS 1.1, it should also work
for CMIS 1.0. This binding is more efficient and simpler to consume than the other two. We
should foster its adoption.
> I would like to roll the sandbox project into the server framework and complete the implementation
there. We can turn it off by default. Whoever is interested can switch it on and play with
> Since this is major code shift, I would like to hear some opinions before I tackle this.
> Thanks,
> Florian

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