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From Jens Hübel <>
Subject Proposal for opencmis documentation
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2011 22:44:03 GMT
I would like to come up with a suggestion and ask for feedback for the following proposal as
a new structure for the opencmis sub-project of Chemistry. I have tried to address the issues
mentioned previously on this list, but of course I may have missed something.

Proposed structure is:

CMIS For Java (OpenCMIS)
 - Overview
 - Downloads
 - Javadoc
 - Modules
 - Developing with opencmis
	- using opencmis with maven
	- using opencmis without maven (new, TODO)
	- OpenCMIS Client 
		- Client API
		- Client Bindings
	- Server Framework
	   - Server Bindings
	   - Handling Authentication
	- OpenCMIS repositories 
	- Tests and tools
	  - workbench
	- Eclipse integration (new, TODO)
	- Debugging an opencmis server (new, TODO)
	- URL syntax for AtomPub (new, TODO)
	- Differences between the web service and AtomPub binding (new, TODO)
	- Understanding the client side cache
	- Logging (new, TODO)
 - HowTos
 	- How to build OpenCMIS
	- How to create a server (Server)
	- How to integrate query (Server, TODO)
	- How to add extensions (Server)
	- How to integrate with Spring (Server)
	- How to tune performance (client)

 - Examples
	- Connect to a CMIS repository
	- create a session 
	- Reading the Root Collection
	- Reading Properties
	- Reading metadata and content from a CMIS repository (TODO)
	- Creating and updating CMIS objects (TODO)
	- Reading a file
	- Using the query parser (TODO)
	- Processing query results
	- Get the id of an object from its path
	- Getting CMIS extensions
	- Connecting from a .Net client via the Web Services binding

 - FAQ (TODO, future)

Restructuring the Overview page:
	- remove Downloads (separate page)
	- add releases and changelog
	- add projects using opencmis
	- remove Components (move to Modules)
	- remove Using maven (move to Developing with opencmis)
	- remove test and tools (move to Developing with opencmis)

The navigation pane contains the first two levels.
Each of these (sub)sections is a separate web page (improves navigation by using the breadcrumb).

If there is substructure within a topic then the topic page linked from the navigation pane
contains a table-of-contents with the subtopics.

Create a JIRA for all missing pages with TODOs for better tracking, to be closed when documentation
is done

Optional: reduce ugliness by better CSS styles, improved colors and better fonts (if someone
feels talented...)

There is a lot more we could do. Currently for example it is hard to compare the various sub
projects we have. What I would like to have is a consistent "advanced Hello World" example
implemented in the same way across all sub projects. A minimal, but functional server and
then clients all doing the same thing using Java client bindings, Java client API, Python,
PHP, .Net, groovy in workbench and in future Javascript...

Opinions and comments?


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