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From You Know <>
Subject Re: sharepoint 2010 basic auth
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 19:24:28 GMT
Actually this still does not seem to be sufficient, at least in my case.  With the suggested
fixes, I can invoke getRepositories and createSession, but requesting an object results in
a 401 unauthorized error.  If the admin disables NTLM, then the call succeeds.  Has anyone
been successful with CMIS, Sharepoint, and NTLM?

"Florian Müller" <> wrote:

>Hi Jess,
>There are two ways to achieve that. Both require a bit of effort.
>1. Download the WSDL with a web browser and store it on your local disk 
>(or on another web server). Provide a file://... URL to OpenCMIS. It 
>will then connect to the SharePoint service that is specified in the WSDL.
>2. Use to provide the username and password. This 
>will enable the NTLM authentication that SharePoint actually wants. Note 
>that this sets the authentication for the whole JVM. That's why we can't 
>(shouldn't) do this in OpenCMIS directly.
>On 19/09/2010 13:19, wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone has had success connecting to a SharePoint 2010 service?
 I've tried connecting with the web service bindings, but receive a 401 error code when the
client attempts to pull the WSDL.  The WSDL url is protected with basic auth.  I'm supplying
the user/password properties, but it doesn't seem that the client is negotiating basic auth
for this purpose.  I guess it is assuming only WS-Security.  Is there another setting to support
basic auth when requesting the service WSDL?
>> I tried going the REST route as well, but I cannot figure out the proper SharePoint
URL format for this binding.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> best regards,
>> Jess Evans

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