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From "Klevenz, Stephan" <>
Subject RE: Extensions Proposal
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:30:57 GMT


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From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Montag, 13. September 2010 12:27
Subject: Extensions Proposal


The current way to set and extract CMIS extension with OpenCMIS is a bit 
You can get and set a List<Object> which effectively is a 
List<org.w3c.dom.Element> at the moment. But this is difficult to use 
and will not work with the upcoming JSON binding.

I would like to replace that with a binding agnostic approach, a 
List<ExtensionElement> where ExtensionElement is something like that:

public interface ExtensionElement {

     String getName();

     String getNamespace(); // is ignored if the binding doesn't
                            // support namespaces

     String getValue(); // returns null if the element has children

     List<ExtensionElement> getChildren();

If nobody objects I will start implementing that end of this week.

- Florian

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