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From Chris Hubick <>
Subject Re: OpenCMIS Client Questions
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 01:05:09 GMT
On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 10:22 +0100, Florian Müller wrote:
> I hope I have some answers for you.

Thanks!  That seems to fix most my problems :)

> We still use the tools that were available when we started OpenCMIS 
> (Maven 2 and jaxws-rt 2.1.7). Since we didn't run into any problem with 
> that we had never changed it. Also Maven 3 doesn't seem to be widely 
> used yet. We may should start a discussion moving to jaxws-rt 2.2 but I 
> don't think will adopt Maven 3 anytime soon.

It's worth noting that the current Eclipse Maven plugin already uses
version 3 internally, and that even if you don't adopt Maven 3 for
*building* OpenCMIS yourself, this will prevent anyone easily *using*
OpenCMIS within their Maven 3 environment/projects.  And not only is it
a problem for me as a user of OpenCMIS, but then my software won't
automatically build for my users either :(  Your call though.

> There is no (official) way to get a URL that returns the document 
> content for a simple reason: It doesn't work with the Web Services 
> binding. With the Web Services binding there is always a Web Services 
> wrapper around the content. There is no plain content URL by definition 
> and it might not even be transported via HTTP.
> If you are only using the AtomPub binding there are two ways to achieve 
> what you want.
> 1) You can get the content URL from OpenCMIS' internal binding cache. 
> It's not supported, it's not a public API and it might change in the 
> future. If you still want to do that, please contact me and I will send 
> you a code snippet that gets you the URL.

I take it this implies you don't care to create a supported public API
for AtomPub users? :(

I tried to sniff around and see if I could figure out (1) myself.
Looking at how the atompub.ObjectServiceImpl.getContentStream()
retrieves content, that made me want to try something like:

public static final String getDocumentURL(final Document document, final Session session)
  return ((ObjectServiceImpl)session.getBinding().getObjectService()).loadLink(session.getRepositoryInfo().getId(),
document.getId(), AtomPubParser.LINK_REL_CONTENT, null);

Except that won't work because AbstractAtomPubService.loadLink() is
protected.  I couldn't find any way to get access to the LinkCache or
spi.Session either.

So, please, help enlighten me?

Again, Much Thanks! :)

Chris Hubick

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