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From Florian Müller <>
Subject RE: OpenCMIS Client API: Questions about fetching content
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2010 08:11:35 GMT
Hi Achim,

Here are a few answers to your questions:

> - Which exception should be thrown at the method Document.getStream() if no content exists?
Currently we get a CmisNotSupportedException but 
>   according to the CMIS specification we would have expected a CmisConstraintException
That sounds like a repository bug. Which repository you are using?

> - What is the expected behavior of the method Document.getContentStreamLength() in that
case? Currently -1 is returned. 
>   Has this number some special semantic like "unknown"? Why is not 0 returned?
The content stream length is a bad indicator for content. You should use the property cmis:contentStreamFileName
to check if the document has content or not.
OpenCMIS returns -1 for the stream length because it has return an integer and it's an invalid
length. The length 0 indicates that there is an empty content (0 bytes) that has a file name
and a MIME type.

> - What is the expected behavior of the method Document.getContentStreamMimeType() in
that case? Currently null is returned.
That's the expected behavior. If there is no content stream the property cmis:contentStreamMimeType
should not be set - which translates to null in Java.

> - How could I find out the encoding of content?
The encoding is part of the MIME type, if the repository set it.



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