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From "Goetz, Paul" <>
Subject RE: OpenCMIS release check list
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 09:36:23 GMT
Hi Florian,

well, basically the proposal is as simple as this, except for the redirect :o)

- Creating an auto export template: I'm working on that. I installed a Confluence Wiki on
my PC to learn about that mechanism, but I'm not finished yet... In the end I need to create
a Velocity template. 

- Adding some useful information: That is for sure a good idea ;o)

- Redirecting: From my point of view that is not needed - once the auto export is working,
the content would simply be copied ([9]/[10]). And as far as I understood the landscape, the
Confluence Wiki is not intended for high-volume access, therefore we should put the "read-only"
stuff to

- Generating the OpenCMIS JavaDoc: Should be done via Hudson ([6]).

Best regards,

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From: Florian Müller [] 
Sent: Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010 11:24
Subject: RE: OpenCMIS release check list


Can we start with some simple things here?

I'm thinking of:
- Creating an auto export template for Confluence. The current output is ... pretty ugly.
- Adding some useful information about Apache Chemistry and CMIS on the Wiki front page.
- Redirecting to .
- Generating the OpenCMIS JavaDoc again. (Stephan?)

- Florian

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From: Goetz, Paul [] 
Sent: Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010 23:33
Subject: RE: OpenCMIS release check list


with regards to the documentation: you might have a look at
There's a first proposal how we could build the documentation.

But as always, there are some open questions:
- Is the proposed process ok for everyone? Any changes / suggestions?
- For Step [7]: I'd assume that we will use the Maven Site info for OpenCMIS. I wouldn't expect
other (Non-Java) subprojects (cmislib, JS-Client) to generate a Maven Site - so would one
site be sufficient (vs. every subproject having its own site)?
- For Step [10]: We could either do some magic transformation (like HTML Tidy + removing some
sections like <style.../style>|<script.../script>|<div class="greynavbar".../div>|<div
class="footer".../div>, and then apply the style sheets) - or we could change the template
for the CMIS site in Confluence (like CXF). Is there someone experienced with Confluence templates?

If nobody objects, I would continue with the following todos:
1) initial check-in for website content to SVN [4]
2) add cronjob to do the SVN update for the website [3]
3) update OpenCMIS Maven site content and check-in to SVN [5]
4) add cronjob or Hudson task to replicate OpenCMIS' Maven site target build to /www/
5) change the template for CMIS in Confluence
6) add cronjob to copy /www/confluence_export/CMIS to /www/

Best regards,

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From: David Caruana [] 
Sent: Freitag, 30. April 2010 10:22
Subject: Re: OpenCMIS release check list

> - web site update (as source of the documentation to be packaged) ... not started yet

I can now confirm that Alfresco can provide someone to design/provide a skin for the web site.

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