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From David Caruana <>
Subject F2F high-level summary
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 15:32:21 GMT
As you're probably aware, an Apache Chemistry F2F was held this week in Munich with the aim
of merging the two code bases of Chemistry and OpenCMIS.

The attendees of this meeting were Jens Hübel, Florian Müller, Florent Guillaume, Nick Burch
(mentor), Stephan Klevenz, Paul Goetz, Thierry Delprat and David Caruana. To ensure decisions
were not made in isolation, details of discussions and outcomes were posted to the chemistry-dev
mailing list throughout the week.

Here we will summarise the outcome. For details, see the mails posted this week.

The good news: there will be one Apache Chemistry Java code base.

As proposed by Florent, we started with the OpenCMIS code base and improved upon it by merging
elements of Chemistry into it. This has resulted in several refactorings of the OpenCMIS code
base, which has reduced the number of classes considerably, as well as clarified the client
api. The current output of this work can be found at

There is still further work to do on this branch to complete the merge (as resprented by JIRA
tasks CMIS-193 to CMIS-199) which will take place over the next couple of weeks. After completing
these tasks and ensuring all is stable, this branch will be considered the formal trunk that
all of the community can start using.

What's going to happen to the current Java code base? As there are still some clients and
server implementations relying on this code, it will be moved to a branch and deprecated.
The aim is to re-host these implementations on the /chemistry/opencmis/trunk/ code line after
it's stabilized. At this point, it would seem good timing to provide the first formal incubator
release of Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS subproject. This will also require writing new documentation
and for the Apache Chemistry web site content to be updated.

There was also discussion on how to structure the various subprojects of Apache Chemistry.
You may notice that OpenCMIS has moved directly under /chemistry in svn. A suggestion is to
move all other subprojects (e.g. cmislib, jsclient, abderaclient, tck, shell etc) to /chemistry
so they can support their own development and release cycles. 

Hopefully that reflects things accurately, that's all for now

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