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From "Emanuele Lombardi" <>
Subject Versioning Services Problem
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 14:56:06 GMT
I'm working on versioning services, but I have a problem :The Updating of CmisObject's properties.

My procedure:
First I set the property value by CMISObject#setValue method and last I call the save method.
The save method if is an update require a server method not yet implemented and I try to implement
it (the method is "org.apache.chemistry.atompub.server.CMISObjectsCollection.putEntry(ObjectEntry,
String, Date, List<Person>, String, Content, RequestContext)") But my implementation
doesn't work. If I'm not able to save the modified properties on the repository I can't test
the versioning services.
Can you help me? I attach my code.



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