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From Florent Guillaume>
Subject Re: Abstraction Layer Properties Jcr <-> Cmis
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 14:13:15 GMT
On 5 Aug 2009, at 06:52, Michael Mertins wrote:
> I finally managed to browse folders of my Jcr-Repository through  
> Shane's Cmis-Client and the Chemstry-Atompub.


> In order to achieve this, I had to map the jcr node property-names  
> (propertyDefinition.getName()) into cmis property-names  
> (org.apache.chemistry.Property.*).
> Now I would like to implement some generic mapping layer for this.  
> What would be the most elegant way? Creating a static method with a  
> hashmap?

Here's the first cut of what I did for Nuxeo:

As you can see, you have to make choices about mapping standard CMIS  
properties to JCR. As JCR has very little fixed schema, you have many  
choices to make :) This could actually be a configurable aspect of the  
JCR CMIS backend actually, where you let developers choose how they  
map their properties.


Florent Guillaume, Head of R&D, Nuxeo
Open Source, Java EE based, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)   +33 1 40 33 79 87

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