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From Florent Guillaume>
Subject Re: AW: Chemistry Debugging (small question) + new other questions: CMIS 0.62 client
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2009 17:46:57 GMT
Please keep the list in Cc.

Wireshark has a "follow TCP stream" that gives a simple stream of  
bytes exchanged, that you can then reformat using an XML editor or the  
"tidy" program.

At the moment I'm not using any client, but I'll go hunt for some soon.


On 29 Jul 2009, at 19:42, Michael Mertins wrote:

> Thanks, I tried to use Wireshark, but the output is very cryptic and  
> not as readable as your log file from the google group. The relevant  
> sequence seems to be:
> GET /cmis/children/2f HTTP/1.1\r\n
> Could I ask what kind of CMIS clients people are using? Is there any  
> 0.62 compliant client available? Should I use Alfresco as a backend  
> in order to test my work on the JCR implementation?
> I read that it is necessary to use certain SPI functionality but I  
> don't see where exactly I should start?
> Will open the JIRA request asap.
> Best,
> Michael
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> Von: Florent Guillaume []
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009 19:24
> An: Michael Mertins
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> Betreff: Re: Chemistry Debugging (small question)
> Hi Michael,
> I'm Cc:ing the chemistry list.
> On 29 Jul 2009, at 14:55, Michael Mertins wrote:
>> can I debug chemistry somehow? Like you did at Shane's Google Group:
>> 6007
>> 03ff3f34e6ec
>> ?
> Ah you want to debug the AtomPub network traffic between client and  
> server? There are various tools to do that, a free one is wireshark.
> Adding a flag so that the atompub server also dumps what it  
> receives/ sends in a log file would be useful, could you add a  
> feature request in JIRA please?
>> I'm still trying to get folder listing to work, implemented
>> fully and the missing methods in
>> and still got no output although I can see that
>> several connections are opened.
>> Using Shane's Cmis Explorer and 0.61 Chemistry branch.
> At some point it's nice to be able to put breakpoint in the client  
> as well, to understand why it displays things or not. That's my  
> problem with Flex applications really, I don't have the development  
> environment for it. The best I could do to debug some things is read  
> its source code, but a debugger is way better. Or maybe you could  
> set up your server on a public URL and ask Shane to give you a quick  
> idea of what's wrong?
> Florent
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Florent Guillaume, Head of R&D, Nuxeo
Open Source, Java EE based, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)   +33 1 40 33 79 87

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