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From Florent Guillaume>
Subject Re: Apache Chemistry JCR-Implementation Question
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2009 14:07:54 GMT
Hi Michael,

Actually I'm not the one who wrote the JCR code, so I'm not sure I can  
You should ask this on the list  

But yes, connections always have to be closed. The fact that they  
aren't today is probably known to the author of the code and was just  
done to get some code working. Actually in the AtomPub client code I  
did the same, I always reopen a connection without closing it, which  
is a leak (and commented as such). I'll fix it later but for now it  
gets things working.


On 24 Jun 2009, at 15:45, Michael Mertins wrote:
> Hi Florent,
> I'm evaluating Chemistry and am writing some code in  
> and would like to know if there is a reason why  
> the jcr-connection is opened in the methods like getTypes etc. and  
> not only once in the class constructor ?
> As I still have C++ in mind I wonder if opened connections have to  
> be closed again and if I could implement this together with a  
> credentials parameter in the constructor.
> Of course I would commit my code in case you believe this makes sense.
> Best,
> Michael

Florent Guillaume, Head of R&D, Nuxeo
Open Source, Java EE based, Enterprise Content Management (ECM)   +33 1 40 33 79 87

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